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my approach

My process is highly specific yet extremely flexible to accommodate the individual's or the sales organization's needs. I work carefully and methodically with you to understand your business, your unique challenges and goals before we prepare a coaching plan and agreement that works for everyone. This might include one-on-one coaching, or phone and Skype coaching, or some combination. Because coaching needs are unique, one approach doesn't work in all situations. However, my proven process is customized for you, and remains fluid enough to adapt as necessary to achieve the desired outcome. The basic approach I use is illustrated below.

  • Understand client’s needs.

    Initially I meet with the Sales Leader to identify the current gaps in performance and discuss the client's goals. Often this meeting will include the individual I am coaching to ensure all efforts are aligned. Once we gain consensus and commitment, we determine and agree on the measurements of success.​

  • Determine success measurements.
    What does success look like? What does it look like today and, more importantly, what should it look like in 6 or 12 months (depending on the length of our engagement). During this discussion we will identify those measurements that matter, to the individual and to the organization. 

  • Individual assessment.
    I will administer one or more assessment instruments to identify productive and nonproductive behavior. These might include a 360-degree leadership assessment, personality assessment or management-style assessment depending upon the person’s responsibility level. An organizational assessment, group interviews, values assessment and other assessment methods or tools might also be considered. The person, situation and climate of the organization (health, culture, norms, etc.) will help determine which assessment tools will be most beneficial. I am very thoughtful when considering the right tools and intentional about how to apply them.


  • Develop coaching plan.
    Together we will create the Maximize Your Sales Game Plan. We will dive deep into sales personality and sales knowledge. How do we leverage strengths; how do we strengthen areas of opportunity. We will explore and develop empowering beliefs. We will identify those skills that need to be leveraged and those that need to be improved. Finally, the plan will address prospecting, qualifying,  probing and presenting. For example, how are objections handled, and what sales follow-up is completed.


  • Coach and train to perform.
    Once the coaching plan has been designed, I will conduct weekly coaching calls to monitor progress, coach and train. Wins will be deconstructed; losses will be studied for learning. Skill building continues. Plan adjustments are made based on real world circumstances. Measurements of success will be monitored. Feedback is the order of the day.


  • Review accomplishments.
    Success should be applauded. As skills are honed and results improve, we will recognize higher sales performance. We will identify what worked and why it worked, and then repeat, repeat and repeat? Success is habit-forming. Success begets success. 


  • Measurement inventory and debrief.
    When our engagement has been concluded, we will take inventory of our success measurements. A full debrief will be provided, including a summary of next steps to ensure the individual sustains his/her high performance and continues to deliver dynamic results.

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